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So you’re looking for a new job. A lot of people hate the part in looking for a new job where they’re supposed to create a resume.

Lucky for you, I love that part.

A personal brand

The process of creating a resume can help you either establish or reinforce your personal brand. And having a personal brand isn’t just important for designers and artists these days. A solid brand, created through your social media avatars, business card, bio, resume and countless other forums can make all the difference in helping you get noticed.

Here are some resumes I have created for people in the past and even an older version of my own resume. Click on any of the images to enlarge them.

resume layout design

This resume puts a lot of focus on tasks performed within various roles.

resume layout design

This resume has A LOT of content.

resume layout design

Here’s my old resume from when I graduated college (the second time!) and it also has A LOT of content. If possible, I suggest paring it down based on the type of position you’re seeking. But since I was already in a full-time job I sorta just left everything on there! It goes to show though that you can include a lot of content without going to two pages.

resume layout design

This resume was created in Microsoft Word so that it could be more easily updated by that person. A decent resume can be created in Word, but by doing so you do sacrifice design possibilities.

resume layout design

This final resume puts a lot of focus the name and adds a lot of personality that many resumes are sorely lacking

Is your resume working for you?

So think about it – is your resume doing you any favors? Could you make it friendlier, easier to read or call attention to the best parts?

I try to keep track of nice resume designs on my pinterest board here and you can always rely on CV Parade for some nice looking resume inspiration.

Get in touch with me over on my main site if you’d like help with your resume or even just some advice on how to improve your existing resume.

Depending on your needs, you could also consider how a letterhead or business card designed in line with your personal brand might be useful to you. If you’re sending out actual printed letters or networking with people and handing out business cards, materials that reflect your personal brand could make all the difference.

Best of luck to all you job seekers out there.

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2 Responses to Resume Design Services

  1. Courtney Baird says:

    Hi, on the last example what typeface did you use? It worked so well I’ d love to use it on my resume.

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